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Release: RALI Indiana Grant Supports ASAP Bartholomew County to Provide Recovery Housing in Columbus

For Immediate Release September 8, 2020

CONTACT: Claire Hunter 317-684-5412

COLUMBUS, Ind. – Today the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress Bartholomew County (ASAP) announced the opening of their first addiction recovery house in Columbus, marking the group’s latest effort to stem substance misuse in the county. After three years of careful research, planning and implementation to develop a communitywide Prevention and Recovery System, the facility, dubbed the ASAP Sober Living House, fills a critical void. The ASAP Sober Living House was made possible by local contributions and nationwide partnerships, including a $33,000 grant from the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) Indiana, as well as an increased awareness of substance misuse in Columbus.

“After years of dedication, research, and community involvement, we are excited and thankful to welcome our first participants and to do our part to fill this gap that has been felt in and around Columbus for years,” said ASAP Executive Director Doug Leonard. “RALI’s early support was foundational in allowing us to move more swiftly to develop this housing model that will complement ASAP’s existing resources for members of the community struggling with substance use disorder and will offer expansive assistance to help individuals get back on their feet.”

RALI’s support is aiding ASAP’s sober house pilot program by funding a comprehensive and replicable blueprint, created by Ascension Recovery Services, that establishes a framework for other organizations to use in the establishment of future sober living facilities.

“By creating a replicable toolkit, ASAP is establishing an incredibly important domino effect in the community to ensure like-minded organizations can also establish sober living communities that fit their missions and needs,” said RALI Indiana spokeswoman Claire Hunter. “This framework takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating a recovery house, eliminating barriers that often stand in the way of these much-needed resources in communities like Columbus.”

The ASAP Sober Living House is considered a National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR) Level 2 recovery facility. In addition to a full-time house manager, the facility will accommodate nine individuals at a time with the expectation that each person resides for six months to a year. Internal structure of this home and any in the future will focus on accountability and the continuation of healthy life practices. Residents will be required to attend recovery support meetings, complete house chores, maintain employment, pass random drug screens, pay program fees, and volunteer in their neighborhood and community.

ASAP Sober Living is looking to open their second recovery home by the end of 2020.


The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) leads the effort to identify and establish system-wide solutions to substance misuse and substance use disorders. It is a partner in advocacy, education and support for the health of our community and every person in it. For more information visit


RALI Indiana is a diverse coalition of business and community leaders who are boosting the fight against Indiana’s opioid epidemic. RALI’s mission is to “provide resources to help community organizations find solutions to the opioid epidemic” . For more information visit


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