RALI Indiana is an alliance of local, state and national organizations committed to finding solutions to end the opioid crisis in


Combating Indiana’s
opioid crisis.

The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) Indiana
is a diverse coalition of business and community
leaders who are boosting the fight against Indiana’s opioid epidemic. Together, we can keep Hoosiers safe from the threat of addiction.



The fatal drug overdose rate in Indiana has quadrupled since 1999.  In 2016 alone, more than                     Hoosiers lost their lives to fatal drug overdoses – more than half of those related to opioids.


The Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative (RALI) Indiana is working alongside state leaders to combat this problem.

RALI Indiana will help those facing addiction in urban and rural communities, educate Hoosiers about the importance of safe disposal of unused Rx medication, and help Indiana employers de-stigmatize addiction and improve the health of Indiana's workforce.



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The Wellness Council of Indiana aims to protect Indiana’s workforce by providing tools to

local businesses and individuals affected by

drug abuse. Click HERE to read more about this organization and the resources they provide to Indiana employers.

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Everyone can play a role in helping prevent addiction and
prescription drug misuse by safely using, storing and

disposing of prescription medications.

  • Always talk to your doctor about how to use a prescription medication before taking it.

  • Be sure to follow dosing recommendations


  • Don't mix medications without first checking with your doctor. Never mix prescription opioids with alcohol.


  • Don’t take someone else’s medication.


  • Always keep prescription medications in a locked or secure place– and always out of the reach of children.

  • Have a family conversation about the dangers of misusing prescription medication.

  • Never share medications with family members.



  • Once you are finished  using a prescription  medication as directed by a medical professional, you  should safely dispose  of it rather than keep it in your medicine cabinet for future use.

  • There are several ways to easily and safely dispose of unused medications right at home. Learn more below.


You can use household materials to dispose of your unused medications. All you have to do is mix your medicines with kitty litter or old coffee grounds in an airtight container and dispose of it in your trash can. 

You can use a home disposal kit - available from several sources including RALI partners - you'll put unused medications in the included pouch, add water, seal and dipose of it in the trash.

You can visit a drug takeback center in your community. 

Click HERE to find locations in Indiana.